ten thousand unique badges,
preventing mankind from madness.
when being forged sadgeness,
Envisioned only success.
being a sheep will lead you to a mess,
They will forever be stuck in Duress.
Instead wear your badge with honour,
And Be a warrior in this time of distress!



After 2,500 badges have been minted we will do a 2 ETH giveaway

Release the badges



75% in we will airdrop 10 badges to some of our lucky early adopters


At the halfway milestone, a fund will be created to help push the floor forward and reinvest it into our future endeavours. 


Completed - We will be launching a further in depth roadmap of our gaming utility


After long hard work and continuous toil the Sadge Badge was finally formed, but this story goes long back…I had initially partnered up with another developer to design everything including a fantastic DApp. After an in-depth and extravagant roadmap was created, he disappeared, to where? no one knows. Pretty…sadge so I went back to the lonely life of a one-man dev, designing, programming and forging. Launching the smart contract was a tough feat, whilst the people around were telling me to give up. I kept working. Eventually I was hit with the theatrics of being a “failure” with “a poor track record” Determined I sat in the armory and pushed on. Overwhelmed by the feelings of depression, temptation of the blue pill – I forged the shields. They fought hard and were torn and damaged in battle, hence the badges. The badges were formed in honour and remembrance. we pushed on and on destroying the boring concepts of animal avatars that will soon be forgotten. we will go down in history!

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